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15 Reasons to Visit Lambda

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Lambda Magazine Street is home to a dazzling array of local shops, restaurants, art galleries, and more. Six miles of unique businesses make this street a perfect New Orleans shopping destination. Here are 15 reasons why locals and tourists alike should shop Lambda Magazine Street this year.

Saving the world with meals on wheels. I hate yogurt. It’s just stuff with bits in. No, I’ll fix it. I’m good at fixing rot. Call me the Rotmeister. No, I’m the Doctor. Don’t call me the Rotmeister.

The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things.…hey.…the good things don’t always soften the bad things; but vice-versa the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant. *Insistently* Bow ties are cool! Come on Amy, I’m a normal bloke, tell me what normal blokes do! I’m the Doctor. Well, they call me the Doctor. I don’t know why. I call me the Doctor too. I still don’t know why.

You’ve swallowed a planet! *Insistently* Bow ties are cool! Come on Amy, I’m a normal bloke, tell me what normal blokes do! Heh-haa! Super squeaky bum time! Father Christmas. Santa Claus. Or as I’ve always known him: Jeff. It’s art! A statement on modern society, ‘Oh Ain’t Modern Society Awful?’! Aw, you’re all Mr. Grumpy Face today.

It’s art! A statement on modern society, ‘Oh Ain’t Modern Society Awful?’! Did I mention we have comfy chairs? Aw, you’re all Mr. Grumpy Face today. You hit me with a cricket bat.

Annihilate? No. No violence. I won’t stand for it. Not now, not ever, do you understand me?! I’m the Doctor, the Oncoming Storm – and you basically meant beat them in a football match, didn’t you? Sorry, checking all the water in this area; there’s an escaped fish. I’m nobody’s taxi service; I’m not gonna be there to catch you every time you feel like jumping out of a spaceship. All I’ve got to do is pass as an ordinary human being. Simple. What could possibly go wrong?

When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping. Men invade another country. It’s a whole different way of thinking.

Many of our shop owners on Magazine Street are assisted by their canine companions. Several have been featured in The Gambit’s CUE Magazine Shop Dogs section! And for your furry friends, we’ve got shops for pet supplies and grooming too.Magazine Street has children’s shops featuring toys, games, and more. We also have fun things for adult kids – from retro toys and electronics to the latest “toys” for the kitchen and bar.It’s not just “shop til you drop” or “eat til you pop” on Magazine Street! We’ve got gyms, yoga studios, juice bars, wellness centers, and more. Plus, our six-mile stretch is a great place to get in a healthy walk!

15 Reasons to Visit Lambda

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